And the entire process, from the day it was listed to time it was completed, took a matter of weeks rather than months. The four-building property was listed on Cadre , a 40-person startup that has been quietly working out of the Puck building in Manhattan's Nolita neighborhood since late 2014. There, a team of former Square, Google and Facebook executives have gathered to shake up the real-estate world. Ryan Williams is the CEO and cofounder of Cadre Cadre One hire was apparently so important to Twitter that CEO Jack Dorsey is said to have flown to New York to try and reverse the employee's decision. The employee stayed at Cadre. The team is led by a 27-year-old former Goldman Sachs, Blackstone and Harvard alumn, Ryan Williams, who has attracted a team of high-profile investors and advisors. Over the past year and a half, Cadre has raised $68 million from Peter Thiel's Founders Fund, Goldman Sachs, Alibaba founder Jack Ma, DST's Yuri Milner, real-estate moguls Jared and Joshua Kushner, and others. Advisors include TPG's co-CEO Jon Winkelreid and SL Green's president Andrew Mathias. Cadre is a platform where approved sellers ("operators") can apply to post carefully vetted commercial real estate deals, from stores to apartment buildings to offices.

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One way that small business owners can gain inbound links is to use digital PR. Luca Alessandrini, digital marketing specialist at Online Optimism , says that a small business can target a news outlet or company with a high authority website and then create content that's worth sharing. "An efficient strategy for small businesses is to create PR campaigns that align your brand with a cause you care truly about. Finding a message your business believes in is essential, as authenticity shines in the world of PR," writes Alessandrini. "Many small businesses are tempted to spotlight ads in their campaigns, but it's the message that matters. Maintaining a simple, clear message through your campaign is the key to standing out as a small business." When looking for high authority sites to target for links, Alessandrini also recommends Moz, a tool that you can use as a Chrome web browser plug-in. When browsing sites, the Moz tool tells you the sites' domain authority, which helps you to find niche subject areas where your small business can shine. Vangie Beal is a seasoned online marketplace seller and avid online bargain hunter. She is also managing editor of . Do you have a comment or question about this article or other small business topics in general?

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Always integrate your brand. The last step in creating your organizational chart is to assign responsible parties to each main area and each task. When building your chart, list the main function areas. All of these questions and more are pertinent to choosing the right program. Beware time-share Donation Scams As a courtesy to time-share owners everywhere we have listed several of the most common time-share donations scams. 1 Lead generators time-share companies pay anywhere from $5 to $50 per lead that is generated when you submit your information through a lead generation portal. Are the principals of the company available to talk? There may be nothing in your book on metal detectors but no doubt anyone who pulls up metal detectors will see your book on coins and bingo, you just created a niche listing with no competitors. Always start with filming the outside front of the house while saying the address and a little description about the property. Now stand back and look. The final way to make money on bay is by simply taking advantage of great sales you see in stores.

Whether you have a large franchise, or small local facility, Brian will make your businesses look like it never had before! White hat CEO is in many ways similar to web development that promotes accessibility, 48 although the two are not identical. Our latest clog post talks about how to communicate your business credibility on-line. Without Google+ authorship, you’re losing potential link juice and CEO. If you post a photo and then add the link within the update text, it is marked as no follow. Anything after 160 characters gets cut off in search results, so keep that in mind. What's your experience developing international sites? Once you’ve optimized your Google+ page and profile and correctly set up authorship, you’re ready to start posting content.

2. Standardize all of your addresses Use a broadly shared address validator tool that will scale with the number of locations you manage. I use USPS Zip + 4, but there are other tools out there like Melissa Data, SmartyStreets and Loqate. Do yourself a favor and standardize your addresses up front to save time and effort later. If you dont enter standardized addresses into Google My Business, dont be surprised if it generates geocodes in the wrong state, or even the wrong country. Believe me, Ive seen it happen. Having standardized addresses is key to working around the inability to update geocodes through the API, as it will prevent you from getting bogged down in needless address errors and will let you focus on tweaking minor geocode discrepancies that inevitably arise. 3. Publish and confirm your source data Confirm that your location data represented within Google My Business is consistent with your location data on record. 4.

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